7 killer approaches to building muscles naturally

Being known as the skinny guy in the group can be overwhelming at times. Are you tired of seeing your body fall apart while your friends buff up their bodies for a great first impression?
On that note, it’s very obvious that building muscle mass is extremely effortless when the intake of anabolic steroids is in question. Most TV starts, Hollywood actors and famous personnel opt for anabolic steroids such as Marine Muscle to help build muscle at a cellular level. However, steroids are not the only game changers. For building muscles, you need to go for a healthy routine which includes a proper diet, proper workouts and definitely consistency.

If you feel it is getting troublesome for you to pack on muscles naturally, take a peep below to know about the pro tips of gaining muscles without problems.

Get Lean

Getting lean before packing on muscles is the key to fitness as by shedding fat layers, you are not only prepping for a better muscle tone but are also increasing testosterone levels naturally. With a higher testosterone percentage in your body, it will become easy to bulk up within months.
Whether you are skinny or are obese, cutting back and getting lean should be your first step towards a bodybuilding success.

Gain Ideal Amount of Weight

The second rule to building muscles is gaining the ideal amount of weight. This weight gain will be a blend of muscle mass, good fat and definitely water weight. However, the key to gaining weight is via eating proper meals.
Some people, however gain weight the wrong way, meaning eating wrong foods such as fattening processed foods, junk food items, etc. Whereas you will gain weight this way or the other, the idea is to pack on muscles, not fat!
Hence, eat foods which are rich in nutrients and are low in fats.

Up the Protein Intake

Protein is a muscle stimulant which allows proper muscle growth by providing it with creatine and amino acids (building blocks of muscles). Increasing the protein intake will allow your muscles to build at greater levels without adding to the fat layers. However, if you halt workouts during eating high protein meals, you will surely pack on fat layers as well.
Hence, eat meaty foods such as steaks, grilled fish, chicken and be sure not to use any butter or oil. Secondly, indulge in alternative protein sources such as beans, legumes, spinach, nuts, etc.

Workout: Under an Hour

While you might believe that working out for longer periods will help build muscles, however it is not true. Just like we get tired at the office, our muscles get tired too. Training for up to 45 minutes initially is ideal to build strong muscles since a longer duration will only tighten them up and probably damage them too. BlackWolf Workout

Workout with your full potential for 45 minutes at the gym (warm up not included), and keep your resting periods lower than 1 minute (40 seconds max). Also, keep the gym talk with other body builders to the minimum between exercises so that you can concentrate better without letting your heart rate go back to normal.

Small Meals All Day Long

Bodybuilding comes with its own set of rules and regulations. While eating is important, portion control is equally imperative. It is better to eat 4-5 small meals a day rather than eating 3 big ones.
Small meals throughout the day will keep the metabolic rate boosted while providing you with nutrients at small intervals. Small meals will be easy to digest whereas they will help keep your energy to the optimum level throughout the day.

Hydration is Key

Keeping your body hydrated helps when building muscle. Muscles also need their share of hydration and if you want to stay active during gym hours, pack on the natural electrolytes the rest of the day.
Drinking up to 3 liters of water a day is ideal for bodybuilders since they tend to sweat more than ordinary people.
The best way to monitor your water intake is to carry a 2 liter bottle with you everywhere so that you can sip on it off and on. Once you know the bottle is finished, you can fill it up again and drink away!

Change Reps and Exercises Every 2 Weeks

Monotony can become boring, even for the muscles! The muscles get immune to the same exercises and they stop responding to workouts. Hence, it is ideal to turn the tables every 2 weeks, ranging from exercises, reps and switching between lower body and upper body.
Change will allow different set of muscles to work, helping you create lean muscles from all angles.

Gaining muscles can be hard but when Marine Muscle gets on board, bulking up becomes trouble free for all!

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