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It is not so easy to cope up with today’s busy life. Keeping up with everything and with our body needs, gets difficult sometimes. We look for easy ways out to get the best of everything. Easy ways could be difficult in the long run but long paths could be easy for the rest of your life.

To be healthy we need to eat healthy food rather than looking for surgeries and other deadlock procedures to lose weight. Eating healthy is always wise and can keep you away from many mishaps in life at different stages.

In the same way it is essential to look after your figure and after your body in a good manner. Having big breasts is not difficult at all. Yes! You might think it is not true but it is 100% genuine that having big breasts is not a difficult task.

Going for a cosmetic surgery is difficult. A very expensive and painful way to have bigger breasts and an ideal size breasts. Apart from being expensive, surgeries only work for a very short period of time. It contains much care after the surgery is done with lots of medication as well. It is not proven too that the surgery would not have any side effects.


Slouching is not good for your spine as well as for the posture of your body. Proper posture can improve the size and the look of your breasts. This can create many backbone issues when we sit without caring and thinking that nothing would happen but this is a problem that could take you a long way. At the same time, if we sit in a wrong position, our breasts hang in a way that they lose the support and start sagging. Total Curve

Take a look at what you wear:

Our dresses what we plan to wear plays a vital role in the size of our breasts. It is important that you don’t take fashion for granted. Fashion is important but only if it looks good on you. There are some dresses that might make you look very unstylish. On the other hand some dresses, even though not in fashion but can definitely make you look good and confident that would give a perfect shape of breasts as well.

It is important that we wear clothes that enhance your figure. It shouldn’t make you look dull and should hide your body parts.

Exercise Regularly:

This is again a very important part of increasing the size of your breasts. Exercising daily, specially the chest exercise that will strengthen to give a good look when wearing any dress.

Apart from the chest muscles, there are many other muscles connected to the chest can improve the size and look of the breasts.

Bretrogen is a complete new and natural formula to increase the size of your breasts.

Wonder Bra/Push up bras:

These are the padded bras with wiring at the bottom. They look sexy as well as it can give a very hot look in the shape of your breasts.  You will definitely be surprised to see that men love the round and firmer shape of breasts than the sagging shape.

Diet Change:

A very essential part of changing life is changing your diet. Diet not only plays a vital role in the enlargement of the breasts but also in having a good skin, a good body shape and an active mind. Eating nonsense can only make you fat, lethargic, oily/acne skin and definitely as sleepy mind.

Fennel is one of the natural herb that is extremely good for the growth of breasts. Cherries, which are a rich source of estrogen, can increase the size of the breasts.

Brestrogen is 100% natural supplement to keep your partner satisfied by increasing the size of your breasts.

Breasts massage:

It is important that we massage our breasts regularly. This might sound awkward but it is true that when we massage our breasts regularly 20-30 minutes, the blood circulation goes faster to the blood tissues and this will enlarge the size of the breasts. Some individuals use different creams to do so but any product used should be clinically proven that the ingredients used are safe and should be clinically proven to be safe.

Breasts are a very sensitive part of our body. If any product used is not safe can cause many serious issues that we would never want to face.

It can also cause diseases, which might lead to surgeries or some extreme damages. Therefore it is always important to use things which are safe and natural. Any product you are not aware of, there are advisors, doctors who can be visited at any time to know better about that particular product.


To look good and sexy is all our ladies dream, no matter at whatever age we are at. We still want to look good and attract the man in our life. On the other hand, men in general, love big breasts and want to enjoy them by lovemaking. They love the warmth and feeling of the cleavage that gives them erections and enhancements. Therefore, it is important that we satisfy our partners by giving them what they want in the best way we can.

It gets difficult sometimes to the increasing process but at the same time it is vital to follow the natural ways to increase the size of the breasts. Having small breasts isn’t a tension or a problem. With time things will settle down with best results. It is always good to go the natural way than to rush with scientific ways. Surgeries sound to be very quick but at the same time are way expensive and painful than the natural ways.

Brestrogen is 100% safe and free from side effects. You can earn your dreams with no hard work at all.

Therefore, eat healthy, exercise daily, massage 20-30 minutes daily and wear the right bras. These are very few natural tips to enlarge your breasts and make your self confident to walk over the ramp and give your partner the best feel they could ever think of.