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Halt weekend weight gain with these 5 secrets!

Whereas gaining weight is extremely effortless, on the other side, reducing it is equally daunting. Sometimes we have issues with our diets and sometimes inactivity results in obesity, nonetheless there are times when we can’t really put our finger down on the underlining problem.
Did you know most people have a weight cycle where they lose a few pounds on weekdays and end up gaining it all back over the weekend?
Yes! This is true. If you usually feel your clothes tightening up and that double chin showing early Monday morning, guess what? It’s not just your imagination. ¬†Appetite Suppressant Pills 2017

If you feel you are one of the unlucky ones who gains weight during the weekends, check out the amazing tips given below to help yourself reduce or maintain the normal weight flawlessly on the weekends!

Weekend Calls for Relaxation!

Research suggests that relaxing on a sofa all day long is worse than sitting in the office from 9am to 5pm.  Being a couch potato or sleeping in on the weekends is highly common and this is one of the main reasons for weight gain. While the body relaxes to the core and we lay down on the sofa and enjoy our favorite Netflix shows, we also tend to munch on fatty foods, snacks, desserts, etc.

Solution: Stick to a few hours of relaxation each day and watch no more than a 3 hour movie. If you really want to munch on something delicious, either maintain its portions or indulge in healthy snacks such as a veggie salad or raw fruits.

Sleep Deprivation

Since we have fallen prey to a 9am to 5pm timetable, it is needless to say that our bodies are sleep deprived most of the days. Did you know that inadequate sleep leads to obesity, a slow metabolic rate, tiredness, fatigue, psychological problems, etc. Sleep not only heals our body but also allows the muscles to relax, our injuries to cure and the body to grow properly.

Solution: It is obvious that we cannot sleep extra on weekdays. The solution is to sleep a little extra on the weekends either in one go or in the afternoon for an hour or two. Extra sleep will revive your senses and help get over the piled up fatigue!

Treat your Senses!

While we indulge in all unhealthy activities over the weekends, we often forget to treat ourselves with the things we actually need. Enjoying cocktails, Friday night clubbing and watching movies on the couch are not enough.

Solution: When Friday arrives, book an appointment at a massage parlor, book an appointment for a relaxing manicure and pedicure and simply help relax your body.
Moreover, the ideal solution is to plan a cupping therapy once a month. It not only relieves you of muscular pains, removes blood clots and removes toxins but it also allows fresh blood to make room and help keep the body oxygenated.

Consume a Mighty Breakfast!

It is understandable that working men and women cannot enjoy mighty breakfast meals each day. While getting late is the main problem every morning, it is nonetheless very crucial to eat something healthy for breakfast.

Solution: When you have time to yourself on the weekend, make the most of it and make yourself a mighty meal and consume it while you savor it!
Enjoy a meal full of eggs, bread, cheddar cheese, milk, cottage cheese, veggies such as tomatoes, onions, green beans and meat in the form of sausages, bacon strips, etc.

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Prepare for the Week to Come!

Since weekends are full of free time slots and you can do anything you want, why not prep for the next week? This way, you can avoid weight gain all week long effortlessly! While ordering out or eating processed foods seem like the only option on weekdays, eliminate this notion and be prepared in advance.

Solution: Go out for grocery shopping and purchase healthy food items. Make yourself a bowl of salad, boil your chicken, marinate it, cook it and prep food storage boxes for next week. When you come home on a Wednesday evening and prefer ordering out rather than cooking, simply turn to your freezer, defrost your meal and eat away!

Ditch the Fattening Parties!

Free time calls for party mood and party moods calls for meet ups and gatherings. While weekend meet ups are fun and thrilling, nonetheless they end up causing weight gain due to excessive alcohol drinking , snacks, lunches and dinners.

Solution: Enjoy meeting your friends and family members but keep a watch on your alcohol consumption and definitely the food intake. While a scrumptious burger might seem harmless, nevertheless do not forget the free refill coke and upsized fries it is accompanied with!

It is alright to relax and rejuvenate over the weekend but always remember, living healthy is better for you and your family!